Writer Dolores Redondo at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2015


Spanish writer Dolores Redondo, who is visiting Australia as part of a tour to promote her Baztán Trilogy all over the world, will discuss her latest novel Offering to the Storm, which concludes the trilogy, in a conversation in Spanish with Dr. Lilit Thwaites, invited by the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Fri 21 Aug 5.30pm

ACMI The Cube

Free event – Bookings required: http://mwf.com.au/session/dolores-redondo-spanish-crime/

Supported by Acción Cultural Española

In the Batzán Trilogy, three gripping landscape thrillers set in the Basque Pyrenees, Redondo wanted to talk about mythology, characters who live in a very special universe, other cultural worlds and matriarchy in this work of 1,500 pages all together.

The Baztán Trilogy has sold about 600,000 copies so far. A total of 32 international publishers have translated the first book into 28 languages. The English edition was released on April 23 in the UK and Australia, and United States will do it in 2016. Peter Nadermann, producer of the Millenium series based on the novel by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson, bought the rights to make a film as soon as he became aware of the bestseller.

Photo by Alfredo Tudela.


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